/u/crober6 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9468 I hope you have a wonderful life friend and your mom sounds like a great lady.
0.93 I love her and my wonderful pup Edit: Thank you for the gold kind stranger.
0.8573 That's a specific example but I guess my green flag would be generosity or kindness.
0.8555 He looks like a wonderful friend and companion
0.8481 Haha he looks like he loves it
0.8316 I love him and he looks fantastic in his fancy shirt.
0.8176 This a wonderful photo of your amazing pup.
0.8126 Love the pipe friend.
0.8074 She looks great friend.
0.8074 She's a great looking girl friend
0.7845 Excellent edit friend

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6808 Sorry I've never done palace of the dead.
-0.5352 I also have basically stopped drinking because it used to turn me into a mega asshole that I wasn't proud of being.
-0.5267 Do I have to do it on WHM to be able to get the WHM weapon or can I level one of my lower classes while getting the chests?
-0.4939 That's a steal
-0.4404 I Pitta The Fool
-0.4019 So how did he lose the round as Symmetra?
-0.3818 I'm sorry for you loss.
-0.3182 I thought if you weren't connected to the game and it ended you automatically lost points.
-0.296 I have had one for approximately a month with no issues.
-0.2023 With Carlos Santana playing 3rd I can see why your defense was terrible.
-0.1779 No problem friend.
-0.1027 Keep up the hard work