/u/cringelivesmatter is a total dick!

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0.8044 Also your justification here is that it wasn't *just* an assault, it was an assault committed in the act of a robbery?
0.7579 We can both have a good laugh.
0.7351 Best for the position that they're being evaluated for in terms of their skills and abilities.
0.7269 Maybe the "good guys" would want to be seen doing good things?
0.7096 Wheres the intellectual integrity?
0.7096 Better luck next time.
0.6908 Thanks for showing your true colors.
0.6705 I want the best people for the job.
0.6486 Anyone that has held a security clearance knows better.
0.6369 They love this stuff over there.
0.6369 If a woman or brown/black person is the best for the job then they should get it.

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-0.9432 I'm truly shocked that so many people on reddit are willing to die on the alter defending Antifa, an organization known for assault, riot, and all around terroristic behavior.
-0.8979 I recall them assaulting numerous people going back months. https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/897977496930570240 Violence is bad.
-0.875 Are virgins going to start protesting outside of the Rocks house? Wrestling is built on people with shitty points of view interacting with people with less shitty points of view.
-0.875 They beat you at the voting booth; no point exposing themselves to the violence brought by alt-left thugs too cowardly to even show their faces.
-0.8689 It's evil vs evil vs moderates.
-0.8481 It's the topic of political violence and it goes towards Trump's point that this violence does indeed exist on all sides.
-0.8402 People that condemn all politically motivated violence and would rather just vote instead of leaving people for dead in the streets?
-0.836 Start a blog and spread nonsense conspiracy theories like that brain dead drug addict Louise Mensch. You're just aren't keeping up.
-0.8271 Antifa has assaulted and left people for dead in the streets in the past.
-0.8176 She died in vain due to politically motivated violence.
-0.8165 Americans don't like when freedom of speech is threatened.
-0.802 For fuck sake one of her slogans latched onto Trumps name as a brand (Love Trumps Hate.