/u/couldbeurdaddy is very positive!

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0.9493 Great teasing GIF, love your gorgeous breast and your delicious looking pussy.
0.932 Absolutely Gorgeous and so very close to perfection, thanks 4 sharing.
0.9211 Well, I would definitely show your beautiful breasts a quite a bit of love if you hang around here.
0.9201 Thanks 4 sharing your gorgeous breasts and fabulous nips.
0.9186 That looks so delicious and inviting, thanks 4 sharing.
0.9168 would love to get lost with you in those mystic waters, thanks 4 sharing your fabulously gorgeous body.
0.9153 your beautiful body is unremarkable and my eyes enjoy drinking it in, thanks 4 sharing.
0.9118 I am with you, my favorite ones are "none." Beautiful and thanks 4 sharing.
0.9059 Wow, absolutely gorgeous body that is very stimulating.
0.9042 Good morning to you too and thanks 4 sharing your fantastic body.
0.9036 I think I am changing my name to Charlie, because he/she is so very lucky to have such a gorgeous babe wishing a good morning.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4767 I would start by reading the comics, but do believe that I would become quickly distracted in the process.
-0.4534 Well, I am horny so let's fuck!
-0.4003 Damn girl, I have the real thing you can climb upon and ride all you want!
-0.2163 I so very much want to disturb your reading by sucking on those nipples.
-0.1779 Seriously, this picture is so overused.
-0.0516 Do not think I would turn down that offer to get clean and dirty all at the same time.
0.0 I'm a volunteer firefighter and I am responding with my hose!
0.0 I bet they fantasize about you being naked behind your door especially with your hot bod.
0.0 I would beat you to the bed!
0.0 Spread just wide enough for me to get my head right under there for a proper taste.
0.0 Trying to be the first guy to buy you a drink.
0.0 Let me know what restroom you are in and I'll be right there.