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0.8655 Nice work, enjoyed this and your Driving to heaven mix!
0.8478 Thanks for the heads up, I use to love playing this game!
0.8126 On one hand I get it and love it.
0.765 I grabbed Vol.1 from Comixology for 2.99 the other day and loved every single page, I will definitely be getting the rest.
0.7574 http://www.icy-veins.com/ for easy to follow class guides http://www.askmrrobot.com/ for reforging Have fun!
0.7443 Just tried it with my Turtle Beach Pla's this definitely works thanks!
0.7177 Thanks for sharing it!
0.7096 Sent you a request, hope its fixed soon :)
0.6828 When it works its amazing but more often than not it was awful for me.
0.6808 This definitely makes it better, I've had mine a month now and since I disabled dot view it hasn't happened.
0.6486 Already been redeemed, it was a one off random act of kindness code.

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-0.7269 Only the content providers are able to block or delete files in cases of rights violation.
-0.4497 I could be wrong but I think until they have enough info on your listening habits its hit and miss.
-0.34 This is how the gun works, you get a buff as seen in the video.
-0.34 You can also tap on the screen to move and there are shoot buttons on both left and right sides.
-0.296 CLiGGO MUSIC is no content provider.
-0.2732 If you look at your phone you can still see your notifications and with the tick box on the quick settings menu alarms still sound.
-0.2648 A fair few of the 12 million are more than likely fake accounts.
-0.1353 Yeah the one downside to currents and feedly is that it doesnt support Twitter. Flipboard does but you cant follow people with it only connect your own account to it.
-0.0772 If you turn on AssistiveTouch in accessibility it stops it but it also puts the white dot on your screen.
0.0 https://open.spotify.com/user/21qmhhwfrbwyeswjjeucgnxiq/playlist/2c7Caqs05CLzDLZa0sJPBB A link to said playlist.
0.0 A QR code thing https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/5/15562198/spotify-scannable-codes-music-sharing-mobile
0.0 Browse tab and then Genres.