/u/colliger is kind of a dick.

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0.7351 Oh yeah it's definitely low effort, but /r/ComedyCemetery is pretty cognitive of it.
0.7184 Pretty much true, except if you inhale a bunch of spores after popping a puffball.
0.7096 Precedent maintained the value of certain careers over others, new careers were subject to comparison with old careers and derived their value from them.
0.6908 Usually there's a lot of Adam Ellis sympathy in the comments, and it's pretty much just a meme to pick on his comics.
0.6486 Interesting dynamic.
0.631 Third, all of my comments on this thread are barely sitting at 1 karma, so even if I were attempting to manipulate votes it sure isn't working. Fuck off dude.
0.6124 "I like it when women look at me, so women must like it when I stare at their asses"
0.6124 Color me surprised, advocating for healthy debate of feminism lands you in /r/Drama with a bunch of easily offended redditors at your throat.
0.5574 Certain artificial sweeteners, like aspartame , are highly toxic to some animals (e.g.
0.529 I'm sure the information in this article isn't biased in the slightest. It seems you're only seeing what you want to see.
0.5267 Any industry where one sex has clear dominance should be looked at more closely, the tech industry especially.

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-0.9186 And for a guy his age, it's probably a death sentence to boot. Punishment should be meant to deter society and the punished from committing crime.
-0.8834 So every kid on Call of Duty who has told someone to kill themselves is an attempted murderer?
-0.7783 And ignorant young people become prejudiced and bitter old people.
-0.7684 It's objectification either way but still just vile.
-0.7089 Fucking hell, are we really back to this?
-0.6983 STEM fields passively discourage women because of societal pressures, lack of female mentors and coworkers, less advancement opportunities, etc.
-0.6908 Space has no environment to destroy, so what's the point?
-0.6901 It's an incredibly frustrating combination of ignorance and denial.
-0.6808 This guy can go to hell.
-0.6588 Reverse racism!
-0.6486 Arguing for things the hivemind disagrees with on default subs is counterproductive to whatever cause you're trying to advocate.
-0.6442 If you believe that people shouldn't entertain it, then you should understand it's proponents and argue them on the points and evidences of the theory, rather than altogether disregarding it.