/u/coffeetablesex is kind of a dick.

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0.8847 Maybe they work truck without their aprons but it seems like like this is just a couple dudes trying to be good samaritans.
0.7184 Well, he's the beautiful vegan messiah.
0.6948 I'm new to this sub and I am so happy I found it...
0.6705 this is one of the few subreddits that has made me smile :)
0.659 You mean the version that ends just as it gets really awesome?
0.6369 i love that it correctly refers to it as an "art
0.6124 Well, I hope you took a moment for self reflection.
0.5719 Perfect Delivery.
0.5719 straight out of /r/thathappened, lol
0.5448 While it clearly reads "Mountain King" my brain read it as "Lion King" and I was not disappointed when it wasn't but I still really want to see Line Rider synced to the opening of Lion King...
0.5106 i dont think this subreddit should encourage theft.

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-0.886 guy could have done some fucked up shit and deserves to be in prison yet i immediately want to see him successfully fight his way out of this situation...
-0.836 damn, this is one of those videos where shits just sad. kid in the red shirt though.
-0.8316 they then post these stolen videos to youtube and then spam our subreddit with fake accounts.
-0.8225 sadly i don't think they'll ever stop finding a way around the filters in place so we just have to ban a couple extra accounts every few weeks.
-0.7906 Do we need to ad Smurf to our list of banned racist terms?
-0.7717 fuck off with the stolen videos.
-0.7717 for fucks sake, this video is still on the frontpage... do you actually visit this sub or just post shit?
-0.75 anti-diarrheal next to the laxitives? fuck it, grab one of each and let them battle it out!
-0.7351 Please, stop spamming stolen videos.
-0.7269 loud, stupid, and annoying.
-0.7184 fuck off with the freebooted spam links.
-0.6908 other than antagonizing the crazy bitch with an icee i think he did the best he could in the situation he was put in.