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0.8107 Part of what makes rooting for players in football/soccer/basketball so fun is the underdog narrative behind a lot the players that come from less than ideal backgrounds.
0.7717 I've been interested in this topic as well, thanks for the recommendation.
0.7579 He pretty much launched Rubin's career and promoted him heavily; he was even his first guest, iirc.
0.7351 Glad we came to an agreement.
0.7096 The rise of groups like J-Street is encouraging, though.
0.7044 I'm not sure how anyone could look at a group like AIPAC, which doesn't tolerate any criticism of Israel in the slightest, and not come away thinking that its supporters are uncompromising.
0.7004 It's not perfect, but it's the best indicator there is.
0.6908 It is pretty much like a neckbeard version of postmodernism.
0.6788 I'd also dispute your comment about not attacking US human rights violations, I'm pretty sure I've made a fair number of comments on those as well.
0.6597 They'd be much better off trying to raise awareness about other forms of discrimination like red-lining, which continues to contribute to the ghettoization of black people.
0.6486 Certainly better than points allowed.

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-0.9446 I generally support BLM but their tendency to jump on any police killing and cry racism is pretty embarrassing.
-0.8849 These are destructive movements that feed off ignorance and ought to be condemned, not justified by claiming they challenge the "fanaticism of the centre."
-0.8568 Receiver had a really bad missed block there.
-0.807 The Intercept is fairly well-regarded for their investigative journalism, and that kind of criticism coming from Harris is ridiculous - even if he happens to disagree with Greenwald's politics.
-0.7906 Soft ass call, fuck outta here.
-0.765 Especially considering Bennett still has his Twitter post still up pretty much accusing the LVPD of systemic racism and brutality.
-0.7521 Travesty that this scumbag isn't banned from the league
-0.7351 Netanyahu is a toxic fuck who is despised by world leaders.
-0.7184 People still refuse to let go of the Mike Brown bullshit.
-0.7184 Bro, Brandon Carr as your CB2 is crazy shit.
-0.6917 It's not like these governments are democratic and give a shit what the majority thinks.
-0.6476 Just like how criticizing Hamas makes you an anti-Arab racist!