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0.8978 And Im a little jealous because I want to be the mystery redditor! Ive been to little Italy and it was amazing, but that street fair looks absolutely awesome.
0.8793 I mean, your shoes are definitely the reddest, but his beard is clearly superior.
0.8555 Funny, this looks a lot like my dreams :-)
0.8042 I dont have any football puns, but I do really love this view.
0.802 Yes, if youd like to visit sometime, youre always welcome.
0.7968 The lighting is great, and I love the sort of forced perspective the ceiling creates.
0.7959 I think I could guess, but Id still love a peak!
0.7829 There isnt much in this pic I wouldnt kiss, but that spot right at the small of your back seems like a really good starting point, right about now.
0.7712 Please have a great time while youre there!
0.7644 Thanks for being the courageous pioneer of this brand new tradition!
0.7589 I feel like that doesnt cover how amazing this is, but is the best I can come up with right now.

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-0.7351 Asking for upvotes is a reddit rule violation, and can get posts deleted and users banned.
-0.6486 There are no wrong choices, from where Im sitting.
-0.5859 You could have certain periods where the sub was open to draw new followers, and if they suck then they get banned.
-0.5848 Holy fuck this is a hot pic!
-0.5423 I think I need to feel for myself, to determine the ass to sass ratio.
-0.4753 Your buns at trying to hog the spotlight, but your nipples refuse to be upstaged!
-0.4215 Maybe Ill see you again someday on your very own account.
-0.4199 She strikes again!
-0.4019 As an ass man I can tell you, your equipment is top notch.
-0.3862 I kinda wanna suck em.
-0.3818 I imagine I'd have a hard time saying no.
-0.3612 If your boobs were near me, Id probably have a difficult time resisting the urge myself.