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0.8805 Oh it was :) He's pretty happy with himself!
0.8247 RIC is impressing everyone with his pace and more importantly, consistency and by not putting a foot wrong so far this year.
0.807 Great seats and a really good price too.
0.7951 Is perfect for this kind of deployment and very cost effective.
0.7906 It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and spectacular views.
0.765 He was faster than Hamilton who was leading and was looking odds on to take Red Bull's first ever win before 'the kid' ran into him behind the safety car.
0.7506 We used to be able to 'enter at our will' many years ago which made for many fun nights with my friends.
0.7311 One of my favorite racing vids but you managed to cut off the best part.
0.7184 For authentic spicy buffalo wings, as well of lots of other super tasty southern American foods, my go to is always Surly's in Surry Hills
0.7096 Thanks for bringing back the memories :)
0.7003 here's hoping :)

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-0.4767 Shame about the beer
-0.4754 As the stints were coming to an end and the cars in front's tyres were significantly more degraded, they picked up the pace and attempted to pass them on considerably fresher tyres.
-0.296 There are no internal SAS connectors within the chassis.
-0.296 It requires no external Bluetooth devices and syncs with HealthKit.
0.0 What are this?
0.0 Absolutely will do.
0.0 There are latency requirements to the witness but they are in the hundreds of ms.
0.0 You'll need to buy a PCIe 6GB SAS HBA to connect an external LTO drive.
0.0 I have been using Sleep Cycle for years now.
0.0 You need to contact your account executive or systems consultant to register you on the new portal.
0.0 Once you are registered the file will be uploaded automatically when the collector is complete.
0.0 Your Systems Consultant will then approve access to the file.