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0.9751 Sorry but I'm really looking to best friend people with Yomi Dragon and Awoken Lucifer but always love more friends!
0.9653 Oh my God this team looks fabulous LOL hooray to Awoken Sakuya and congratulations on hypermaxing her amazing team!
0.9458 Anyways super long but cheers and I'm really glad I could help out!
0.933 Not just by featuring them but by giving thanks every now and then or at least recognizing the really great guides.
0.926 Use these notes to help improve your guide and make it the best it can be. **Introduction:** Excellent.
0.9199 You should expect your guide to be reviewed every 2-3 months. And yeah I really hope that this helps motivate people to update their guide and request helpers if they need any as well!
0.9117 Yeah that sounds great though! Honestly I was a bit biased when grading your team analysis because I know you have what it takes to write up great teams, you just gotta do it.
0.9056 I love her team flexibility and everything so I really like trying to clear EVERYTHING with her.
0.9014 Sorry for being so late, I've been really busy with school so far! I'm really glad that you like the guide though, thanks so much! I actually really agree with your Awoken Sakuya team right now!
0.8922 Yeah I've been rotating between Susano, Sun Quan, Awoken Apollo, and Chibi Valk for green but I tend to like Susano and Apollo the best in most cases.
0.8844 We can implement as many rules and regulations as we want, but in the end of the day the one sole thing that really matters is having passionate and intelligent writers.

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-0.829 Sure you can still damage with half your subs without dark orbs, but sometimes that's just not enough damage to work with. I think it can work, I just wouldn't really like it.
-0.7783 L/B Apollo could be a better choice if you prefer TPAs over Devil Killer though.
-0.7574 Sorry my bad I thought that she had one, my mistake!
-0.7269 Is he mainly on Machine Zeus to block preemptive and do tons of damage with the 5 rows?
-0.6486 301, 476, 343 Yuna with Sheen inherit , 2 dragon killers, and 2 SDRs up all the time in slot 1.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5574 It also probably just feels crappy to an author if we say were removing their leader guide just because they rotated out of the meta.
-0.5267 Phoenix Rider is also missing. This might be really niche, but I think you're also missing Gadius, Famiel, and Lumiel.
-0.5106 With LKali, at least you can use an orb changer to potentially fix her board and have a better chance to fully activate, but regardless she's still bad.
-0.5023 Later on, you even make guides to beat multiple dungeons with LKali but ignore Halloween Kali-- leading me to believe you should really just consider making your own guide for her.
-0.4939 With Awoken Sakuya, I beat everything I could get my hands on and always marveled at the incredible damage.