/u/chungles is a total dick!

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0.8807 And I'm perfectly calm and happy, *pal*.
0.8787 Supporting political parties that gassed millions of people seems slightly less cool than punching a supporter of that party.
0.8268 It's only really freedom of *your* speech that you care about.
0.802 That's because the voting power of autistic white males has led to wealthy white males convincing them that anything outside of their own self interest is 'leftist'.
0.7269 Make sure you remind him of that when Conor gets his scripted win and this sub is flooded with idiots suggesting every guy Floyd's ever faced was a bum.
0.7269 I feel like half the praise she gets on here is only because people know shell be reading it.
0.6504 I'm pointing out the clear signs of autism among many Trump supporters and you're pretending to be offended and choosing to not accept the clear correlation until I go door to door screening them.
0.6369 Perfectly executed FOMO.
0.6369 They want to play as people who look like them in a fucking videogame, get over it.
0.6124 The way he played tonight there was no chance Cuadrado was doing anything with the opportunity anyway.
0.6124 But I'll happily donate to a gofundme to help him make up for his lost time on the inside.

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-0.9517 You underestimate the number of those lower on the scale who lack self-awareness, react with hostility to rejection from women, and blame all their life's failings on others.
-0.9246 Just like every racist redneck desperately trying to find an argument to oppose black people protesting without sounding overtly racist.
-0.9233 You *are* an angry little failure though, regardless of what race you're trying to use as cover for your pathetically transparent hatred of Jews.
-0.9062 You lead a sad, pathetic life that often invites suicidal feelings.
-0.8484 A worthless, angry little failure.
-0.8225 Oh Im not offering Democrats advice on how they should run, Im just calling out what empty, hypocritical bullshit youre peddling.
-0.8225 Try being disgusted that people defend racial hatred.
-0.8221 I think it's more about Trump *being* dumb; about having absolutely no empathy for the people who think he does because he's lived his entire inherited life shitting on a gold toilet.
-0.7964 Damn liberals getting all uppity when unarmed children are murdered by police officers.
-0.7906 Stop being a paranoid bitch.
-0.7901 Because nazis would just tell people concerned with the growing tide of hatred and violence that 'it's okay, it's just armbands!' Devil's advocate?
-0.7832 Quite the angry young failure of a white man, aren't you?