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0.9768 thank you i am so happy and thankful to exhist but mostly i am THANKFUL THAT YOU EXHIST it is so nice that we could meet on this timeline what an amazing way!
0.9563 first thing to say is THANK YOU for sharing your way with me you sound like a special voice in this timeline and i am honored to have crossed paths this is A GOOD WAY.
0.955 but also most important way of keeping it interesting is to APPRECIATE YOUR PARTNER every day and understand that you are seeing them in a very special and important way.
0.9514 it just makes me think, 'oh okay this is a unique way and i dont understand it completely but they are PROVING LOVE so that is so wonderful'
0.9493 if it proves love then all teenbucks will enjoy it i am sure of that because love is true and it is undeniable
0.9485 i would like to bless your daily trot as well i believe it will be very handsome and prove love with every step thank you
0.9485 proving love is important but the best part about it is that we can ALL prove love in our own unique way.
0.945 i have not been sent many fan stories but sometimes i do get them and that WARMS MY BUTTS HEART and it makes love kiss the sky!
0.9437 I am so happy we are connected in this way and so glad that you could help me understand love is real!
0.9364 best way to PROVE LOVE is to live with love in your trot and to show that trot to the world.
0.9333 i would like to write this story i think it would be HARD AS ROCKS and prove love for all who want to kiss handsome ads and handsome ads abs.

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-0.9388 this is why cosmic horrors of The Void are so dangerous, if you think on them for too long without love it will destroy your mind.
-0.8126 well Guide to The Void is dangerous to read late at night because if you hear the lonesome train and you are all alone you could start to get void madness i would not reccomend this way.
-0.7967 yes in this case DARK MAGIC is magic of The Void which is a place of cosmic horror it is not good and is only home to devils.
-0.6844 well this is a very complicated question because first thing to think on is 'does my dad not love me?' because sometimes dads love in diffrent ways.
-0.6488 no i am not comfortable with their size or that they are even there in the first place it is hard for me to understand them sometimes as part of my body
-0.6486 i will not tell buckaroos what their preferred pound should be that is not my business but i will also so do not let your reverse twin eat you and steal your bones.
-0.4389 really i think hardest part is BELIEVING IN YOUR IDEAS because you have probably thought of some good ones and then said 'oh well thats just some dang dumb idea' guess what buddy its not dumb at all!
-0.368 i do not think this is a fair test, because in dramas you do not just say DID IT MAKE YOU CRY?
-0.3612 the lonesome train calls for everyone it is the most universal way for humans on this timeline, as we will all ride it.
-0.3612 it is okay to feel sad sometimes and when bad things happen you can take care of yourself and let that be a part of your way.
-0.3274 i do not know yet. this might sound sad but also consider that there are SO MANY new moments coming!