/u/chiminage is a total dick!

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0.8225 Come clean and save your dignity while you still have some left.
0.7964 For the love of humanity I hope you never attain any level of power.
0.7939 You're more delicious to kiss than biting into a peach....
0.7269 so you get to feel like a hero?
0.6597 I say it because it gets a reaction from people like you and it is funny to me
0.5859 seems like a huge drain on everyone.
0.5334 Don't be such a nigger
0.4939 the hand cuffs are a little tight.
0.4926 Apple fanboys like to justify Apple releasing old tech as a "new" by saying "They improve on existing technologies!" which is an argument in itself.
0.4767 you should turn yourself into something America can be proud of
0.4588 and the biggest guy starts cat calling you and smiling at you.

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-0.9118 So I can then say that when a black man calls another black man a nigger they are being racist because they are a self hating black person....right?
-0.836 yet we have to do all the hard labor and die in wars and stay behind on the ship.
-0.818 No what makes you a pussy is that you whine like a little bitch when you encounter little things like someone using the word nigger in an online game.
-0.8074 Oh fuck of with that bullshit.
-0.7579 but they will be dead while enjoying opulence while others will be dead poor and destitute clinging on to some silly belief of a glorious afterlife...
-0.7506 not run away all "offended" you weak fuck.
-0.7351 What a dumb song *Edit: Suck my balls
-0.6908 Everybody would be trying to kill themselves.
-0.6908 You are weak and your threats are hollow and she knows that.
-0.6818 You would create a hell of an existence where nothing matters and nothing has value.
-0.6808 Zzz Zzz zzz
-0.6705 No war No progress