/u/chiefaustin is very positive!

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0.9062 I think it makes us all better people for sharing and commenting in a positive manner :)
0.8402 Hey, we're all here to become better people and accomplish what we want :)
0.8358 Yes, if you compare it to other TED Talks, it may not be informative but it really contains some great life lessons.
0.8307 I hope I'm sorta explaining myself here. Again, a big thanks for the speech, it was really the boost I have been needing for quite a while now.
0.8248 Grit] Yes there are some that involve a portion of advertising, but hey, we're all trying to make a living off of what we love to do.
0.8085 It almost sounded like she was asking for applauding :)
0.8074 Obviously, I find this to be my favorite Ted Talk :) But I was always curious if the 5 second rule could work in reverse.
0.7717 This is another favorite of mine: [Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success?
0.7177 Thanks for sharing the infographic!
0.7177 Glad I could help out!
0.7177 Glad I could help!

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-0.7177 All you gotta do is ignore the haters and focus on what YOU what to do with you life!
-0.636 No problem!
-0.3412 Guess some people got nothing better to do.
-0.296 Only you can stop yourself from keep moving forward.
-0.296 There is no such thing as late.
-0.2912 I'm not entirely sure why that is.
-0.068 I typically struggle with harnessing the mind so I can focus only what I strive for while trying to let nothing else bother me.
0.0 Simple, yet genius.
0.0 As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, "Conquer!"
0.0 And counting.....
0.0 I'm gonna start re-watching the talk because each time I watch it, there is a new outtake you can receive from it.
0.0 Everyone has their own approach to the video.