/u/chicofaraby is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 Congratulations, you win.
0.8225 The teacher said, yes, you must accept Jesus to go to heaven. I was out at that moment.
0.813 He doesn't suck dick for fun.
0.7783 lol, yes, I'm sure the Drudge report is all over a Monica Lewinsky story.
0.7717 Yes, you have the ability to randomly punch people. Yes, people will punch Nazis.
0.7633 This is so wonderfully child-like! I'm reminded of this: [Imagination!]
0.7198 Everyone who isn't an evil asshole supports that. Antifa is opposition to Nazis.
0.6808 [Nothing says "winning" like an approval rating in the 30s]
0.6705 lol, yes, if the 6 year fishing expedition hadn't turned up a blow job, the Republican Congress would have used something else.
0.6691 OK, is your claim that this person wasn't a researcher for the commission or that they weren't arrested?
0.6597 Feel free to post some right wing humor

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-0.9337 I find it difficult to believe that anyone is surprised that the liars who started two on-going wars lied to start an earlier war.
-0.9118 No, there is no such thing as an "alt" left. That's just you extreme right assholes trying to justify your own evil.
-0.8885 To laugh at stupid nonsense shit like that and the morons who believe whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.
-0.872 It takes a special kind of evil to prey on the deaths of innocents. Fuck you in the heart, you goddamned vulture.
-0.8442 The dream Republican Mt Rushmore: Nixon the criminal, Bush the dumbass, Trump the incompetent and Reagan the incontinent.
-0.8271 If he's a scumbag, fuck him.
-0.802 \^ racist lunatic
-0.765 You get bad press. Stop whining.
-0.7579 There is nothing "left" about BLM or antifa. BLM is trying to get police to stop murdering black people.
-0.7269 And they killed someone who was peacefully protesting. Stop defending that.
-0.7096 You still sound like a stupid douchebag.
-0.669 The reason Trump looks like a fucking moron is because Trump is a fucking moron.