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0.9554 All that matters is what you want :D Though, it's super sweet that your hubs thinks you're a lot cuter <3
0.9209 You are incredibly sweet and thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!
0.9186 I'm sure you'll get a lot of anecdotal advice, and I truly hope it gets better real soon for you. I'll be thinking about you and your sweet baby.
0.9167 I love the fall colors :) Have a great time at your shower!!
0.9153 The top is super cute, and a nursing one to boot, so I am very much looking forward to using it post-partum as well :)
0.9041 We went with a combo of space/dinosaurs/science, since it was my hubby's dream to have something like this for his first born :) Hope you like it!
0.9001 It's a great color - we went with Behr Neptune Blue, which is awesome for a space nursery lol.
0.899 The buttons aren't the highest quality, but if you wash in a delicate cycle and then hang to dry, it'll be great for a while :)
0.8832 A friend of mine makes these, so my bestie ordered one from her as a surprise for me :) She's at [Time To Get Creative], if you're interested!
0.8715 Paired with some biscuits or crumpets or cookies too! I think it's great that you're so concerned about making sure your hostess is thanked properly!
0.8666 I wish I felt adorable LOL!

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-0.8925 Completely exhausted, hurting and sore as hell, and ready for this baby to come out!
-0.7543 My tailbone hurts like crazy if I sit for more than a half an hour, but then my hips hurt like crazy too if I walk for too long.
-0.7351 but I can understand on some level your frustration, anxiety and concern. I don't have any advice since my situation was so different..
-0.7269 Same here :( Due date was 1/23, lost bits and pieces of my plug, had spotting, some contractions on Saturday along with other early labor symptoms, and then it promptly stopped.
-0.6705 I am feeling opposite though - as scared as I am of labor, I am quite looking forward to it, for some weird and crazy reason.
-0.6689 Totally exhausted, my hips are constantly on fire, and wondering how much more I'm going to grow!
-0.6682 I do warn though, it is a smaller area so it's a bitch to find the right size changing pad.
-0.6369 I'm desperate here :(
-0.6249 Don't think it'll be me :*( No signs of impending labor right now :(
-0.5777 I am just so tired of being..
-0.5562 I get the back pain too!
-0.5255 I look at mine in disdain and wonder if I'll just have to bite the bullet and get a pedi before I go into labor!