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0.8625 Signs of physical affection were always much easier than direct language of affection.
0.8402 Also, there have been huge efforts into motivating science students to pursue education careers resulting in a lot of grants and other financial opportunities.
0.836 Definitely adding :) Care to add back?
0.8332 Snuggling comes very natural to me, but telling her I like the dress she picked out that day would be much less natural to me.
0.8201 I like small towns for their privacy, but I love the convenience big cities have to offer.
0.8074 It's pretty subtle and looks awesome: http://beta.threadless.com/product/4331/Pollos
0.7906 I just try to make much more subtle references instead of the "you're stunningly beautiful" around a group of friends.
0.7579 The freedom and the ability to provide a service to students is what is most appealing.
0.743 We are a pretty close knit group although recent debacles with other friends have cause somewhat of a spit between us.
0.7351 Added for Vullaby and Absol :) Care to add back?
0.7184 While I definitely agree that they can just be seen as general bumps in anyone's development, I feel that I've taken longer to "learn" the nuances of flirting.

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-0.5334 Not so much distance myself, at least not intentionally, but more of a complete detachment that makes others think I don't care about them..
-0.2516 Been struggling with this lately and am kinda stuck trying to express my feelings for others in a way that seems natural and not forced..
-0.2091 I don't care for superficial flirting too much..
-0.0772 But, I'd definitely go stir crazy and miss human interaction.
0.0 Chemistry major here with similar motivations.
0.0 Here I am: http://imgur.com/cneOpYk
0.0 Now that I actually think about it, I have a fairly diverse range of personality types within my social group at college..
0.0 Really caught me off guard and I've kind of been in a social funk since.
0.0 Added back!
0.0 I live in a two bedroom, four person apartment on campus.
0.0 My roommates are INFJ , INFP , and ESTJ .
0.0 All of us are juniors in college ages 20-21.