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0.9635 Nobody has mentioned Bukowski - but their food looks outstanding! Five Guys is a wonderful restaurant and I love it ever so much!
0.9098 Well that's just awesome! Glad you posted :)
0.9086 There were no comments made on my general driving - so clearly I must be doing something right :D Cheers buddy :)
0.8908 The menu for that seems like it's pretty interesting - thanks!
0.8885 I'll be sure to visit one day, it does look like a wonderful country to go to :)
0.886 Thank you for all of your friendly help and advice :)
0.8658 Well I am very much open to the both of you joining, presuming you have Skype - please feel free to add me, my username is challumchumpkins :)
0.8555 They all sound great, I'll be sure to check out some of them when I'm in London :)
0.8516 Awesome, cheers! Chicken wings are, of course, important.
0.8442 You are beautiful and I love you.
0.8402 Care to add me on Skype? challumchumpkins is also my Skype name, add me and I'll get the group together just because that will be a lot easier :)

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-0.8016 I do believe I was given the same methods that you have been given! The panicking is just a personal thing more than anything I think, pressure and stress all at once.
-0.4902 now I'm really hungry :(
-0.4767 Well it's more the fact that in the moment I will often panic and forget how to do the manoeuvres
-0.3939 I didn't know that :) I'll be sure to use more :)
-0.3818 damned edgelords...
-0.3595 Well, even without that comment I would have been getting a double if it were an option! What are the Angry Fries?
-0.2244 Aw :( I'll be sure to message you first if there becomes a space!
0.0 I need healing
0.0 Taverns & Orphans
0.0 so long as you remember to use it
0.0 Which place would that be?
0.0 Perhaps one day I'll go there!