/u/cerisobo is very positive!

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0.93 I love the idea of someone else enjoying my aroma~ I accept Amazon Gift Cards and GiftRocket.
0.8858 The wife and boyfriend did an amazing job coloring it for me, and I love it as well!
0.8658 We're all super lucky to have each other, honestly.
0.8439 It was an amazing evening~ We're hoping she'll join us for more in the future!
0.8225 If you just want the excellent materials and the shape, a small would fit you well.
0.8042 She hasn't yet, but I'd really love it if she did.
0.8016 Happy you enjoy my body!
0.8016 I love my toys, and I really wish I could get more.
0.7783 I think my wife's the hotter of the two of us, but I love the compliments~
0.7777 Well, hopefully we can oblige; she's interested in being on camera with us more in the future, too!
0.7579 Well, that sounds like a good time for you nonetheless~

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7684 Depends on your experience, but I'd argue that if you're getting Bad-Dragon, you can error on the larger size and get other, cheaper toys to stretch up to it.
-0.4847 I'm not super flexible...
-0.481 Work with her, not against her, in this problem she has, and you'll get through.
-0.431 I wouldn't recommend Chance for anal...
-0.296 That, and my huge ass.
-0.25 Charge X or you lose funding, and no one's going to pay if they can drive Y miles to go somewhere free.
-0.2111 I fully intend to play with Venus' tight ass at some point...
-0.1603 Can't help but feel that between the three of us, there's something for almost everyone~
-0.1067 I plan to make more cum-covered shoots, in time, with both real and fake cum, so don't worry, there'll be more~
0.0 I've posted cum-covered and cum-filled shots before.
0.0 Check my "Submitted" in my user profile, if you haven't!
0.0 I told him I wanted it to hurt...