/u/centralsmith is a total dick!

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0.9638 If you wanted a schoolyard level interpretation of the law where you could get your jollies by being faux-pedantic, then sure, yeah, congratulations, you win the prize of looking like a ponce.
0.8553 That is the beautiful double-edge of freedom of speech!
0.8122 Freedom of Speech on the internet is one of our oldest, most protected things.
0.7778 With anonymity comes freedom to act in whatever way you particularly please.
0.7574 'Fire!' in a theater example) that does not mean they should be respected for their opinions, that their opinions should be respected, or that anyone should be required to listen to their opinions.
0.6486 You described yourself pretty well there, bub.
0.6369 A freedom of a sort you can't get in the real world.
0.6124 Actually 'Lies my Teacher Told Me' is a pretty fantastic read, highly suggest you grab it sometime.
0.6124 If you have a low-income family that can afford some occasional niceties like internet, netflix, etc, they're not going to just be able to move on a whim.
0.5719 My point lies in that, while everyone has the freedom to say whatever they please (to reasonable limitations, e.g.
0.5574 Say what you please, but don't expect to be supported for your speech.

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-0.9231 No one likes you, everyone wants you dead, and no one will weep over your corpse when retribution finally comes.
-0.891 Every vile thing, every shocking thing, 4chan is the ugliest of anonymity and its effect on the human psyche laid bare every minute of every hour of every day.
-0.8898 This is by no means a simple problem, and I do not purport to have a simple solution, but disregarding that there is a problem is in of itself problematic.
-0.8873 You can argue your point, but your initial one is still wrong - the 5th amendment is solely for the protection of self-incrimination in regards to criminal culpability in actual *law*.
-0.8658 If you go up insulting someone, being a racist asshat, expect to be ridiculed for it.
-0.8481 And having people in my family in the military, how in the everloving fuck do you think all soldiers are somehow instantly going to just go on civilian murder sprees?
-0.8316 There is a vast valley of difference between hateful, racist, and deplorable speech versus outright dangerous speech, like the example you provided.
-0.8225 You're a human, does that mean you're also as bad as the worst of humanity?
-0.8126 Trump would be facing a serious uphill battle trying to make criticisms of him illegal.
-0.8074 There's a difference between speech that is hateful, versus speech that incites violence.
-0.7964 Perhaps a bit short-sighted, but most people would have assumed the SUV would have stopped, not just gone GTA and ran them the fuck over.
-0.7717 Saying you hate some group of people because of race, religion, creed, or whatever, saying they're vile or subhuman is well within your right.