/u/cdtalon is very positive!

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0.9403 They love playing makeup with Daddy and ask me, 'dad can you dress up like a girl now so we can put on makeup?' Haha I love them.
0.8868 NP, ty for the support :)
0.8674 There were trolls but the overwhelming support was amazing.
0.8537 There are trolls but my friends get rid of them :P .
0.8402 I stream on www.Twitch.tv/et_talon I play games and have fun with the viewers in caht....mostly derp around and have fun.
0.8225 Stockings 100% I love the feel and if you dont get the stay-ups you get a sexy garder belt...
0.8091 I love those :P
0.7845 I'm proud of my amazing family.
0.7783 Keep being you, you will find the one that accepts you and supports you for YOU later :)
0.7717 Wow good job hun.
0.7351 This is me and my community on twitch :) enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h44l8zR1NYg

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-0.7717 Do it and fuck the haters.
-0.5267 its a stupid phone pic....blahhhh i will get a real camera soon ;P
0.0 I even do it as a profession.
0.0 Oh and I came out to my stream and everyone ON twitch as a crossdresser.
0.0 I am still the only person to do that.
0.0 Ya I stream and am partnered with twitch.
0.0 I have streamed for 3 years and have cd'ed on stream for 2.
0.0 I came out as a cd on stream.
0.0 Educate people too.
0.0 Teach them.
0.0 One last thing.
0.0 Have fun!!!!!!!!