/u/cdksask is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8078 And so jealous that you have such an awesome girlfriend, who's equally talented in making you pretty af.
0.743 That's a pretty looking dress and I love the deep back cut.
0.7351 Cute, pretty, hot all at the same time.
0.7263 Glad you liked it!
0.7184 Hoping you stick around this time and looking forward to some pretty photos.
0.7096 Yay for stepping out like this.
0.6476 Oh you gorgeous girl!
0.6369 Love the dress and the hair.
0.6369 Including a couple of heels that I've been in love with.
0.6369 Love how the dress fits.
0.6369 Pleated skirts are the best.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5606 Hell yeah, who wouldn't want to make out with you.
-0.5095 Was so jealous when I saw your photos.
-0.4939 What mad skills.
-0.4588 Always been jealous of this guy.
-0.296 Missing the glasses and glossy finish.
-0.2263 How could I forget.
-0.1779 I'll start with trying on stockings to hide the hair on the legs for now, I guess.
0.0 Give a bandage or a sheath dress a next time?
0.0 So much gets hidden.
0.0 Those eyes!
0.0 And that lip bite.
0.0 *fans self*