/u/castro02 is kind of a dick.

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0.8847 What he's saying is true, but it's true because Americans want something better, not because Americans don't want it at all.
0.807 Awesome, thanks for doing this!
0.802 Why is it inexcusable that the the DNC favored a candidate who had been a member of the party and worked for the party for decades?
0.7717 Im pretty confident that the vast majority of them would want health insurance if it was more affordable for them.
0.7574 Trump is mainly speaking to his base when he talks, and I'm sure they fucking loved that line.
0.7351 Or is it simply that they can't afford it, regardless of the positive benefits?
0.7269 Judging by the delays everyone else has been having, I think it's pretty safe to assume my card hasn't shipped, so I don't think it's very accurate...
0.7184 Even if it was motivated by liberal rhetoric, there are far more examples of people being motivated by right wing rhetoric that people like you will bend over backwards to ignore.
0.7176 I love how trump supporters prove over and over again that they don't understand things like context and nuance.
0.7096 In this context health care clearly refers to health insurance.
0.6908 Am I the only person who liked, or even saw, Funny People?

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-0.8842 If they are at the point that MAD has failed, and they're about to be obliterated by nukes, what's the point in nuking back?
-0.8834 Calling people bigots and racists is a far cry from some of the hate speech coming from groups on the far right.
-0.882 I don't think it's that he wants it to fail so that we have a terror attack, but rather that he KNOWS it's going to fail, and he is just trying to amp up his base.
-0.8815 If you want to continue this conversation without analogies that's cool too, but I still don't see how Congress failing to pass immigration reform means DACA failed.
-0.8442 Your argument: DACA failed because Congress failed to fix immigration law.
-0.8316 Say it with me now: The cover-up is always worse than the crime.
-0.8205 Shit, the people in that sub must live insanely dull lives where nothing REMOTELY interesting ever happens...
-0.8201 People said what he did was wrong, or broke protocol, but I don't recall people saying he was lying?
-0.8151 Yes, there were concerns about Hillary, but if you think they were any where near the levels of bullshit we see from Trump & co., you fell for the propaganda hard.
-0.8074 Sure, blame the parents, but why punish the children who had no say in the matter?
-0.8038 The whole point of MAD is deterrence, if the other side has already sent their nukes, the deterrence has failed.
-0.796 Using cameras to steal the sign, and then relaying the information to an Apple watch is absolutely cheating.