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0.8807 I did an adventure once where the characters climbed up a beanstalk in the middle of an enchanted forest, then had to rescue a local noble from a cage in the giant's castle.
0.8622 I love this game and you did an awesome job!
0.8618 I have nothing to add to the existing comments, but feel compelled to say, "Holy cow, this is so beautiful!
0.8591 There's an interesting video about sharing information with players that you might want to check out: https://youtu.be/Xm4EvRUo4YQ Actually, all Matt Colville's videos are excellent.
0.8483 You are all so talented and wonderful.
0.8478 Wow, what a great group shot!
0.8478 Wow, that guide was great!
0.8402 Wow- thats pretty much my dream living room.
0.8395 Wow, this is really fantastic!
0.836 Wow, these are all great little one-shots.
0.8271 This is beautiful and dark and amazing.

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-0.6486 Since no one else mentioned it, I'm probably wrong.
-0.5829 You made an absolutely kick ass map for your players.
-0.5829 Nope, I'm not high at all and that was totally kick ass.
-0.5707 Man, that's disgusting!
-0.4905 I wasn't clever enough to use the light spell like that- I just wanted to do damage and take things.
-0.4753 My friend used to fire the funky bomb at me and go, "Let's get funky!"
-0.4549 In general I've read that 5E is much more difficult when you're facing multiple opponents, compared to one really strong bad guy.
-0.296 No, it was Soundwave.
-0.2584 I don't know how it worked in 3, 3.5, or 4, since I never played them.
-0.2244 I'm happy for her, but man, what a loss for fans of the show!
-0.2183 I've never seen someone work so hard.
-0.1779 Seriously, just follow his blog for a while.