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0.9001 Their credit card is pretty sophisticated read a review - **[Victoria secret credit card]**
0.8625 Looks like blockbuster is trying to save them.
0.8176 Earn rewards like gift certificates by joining ZoomPanel.
0.7906 Just like the **[Victoria Secret credit card]** is a good choice.
0.7579 Marvelous **[Target credit card]**
0.7506 Nothing like Super bowl ads.
0.7351 Looking fantastic **[Target credit card]**
0.7346 An honest review of the Discover More credit card.
0.7269 Target is a pretty good store.
0.7003 **[MyPoints]** is a decent site to get gift cards, but there are a lot of better sites out there.
0.6705 another good site that gives you the contact info to opt out of preapproved credit card offers is: http://www.creditcardassociate.com/opt-out.html

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4939 The [Circuit City credit card] is another crappy reason to avoid their store.
-0.4404 both of these brands suck.
-0.4404 Both of these stores suck.
-0.3506 Sounds like a funny story, but your link is broken.
-0.34 I think your link is a gag.
-0.25 It should be look how crappy the [Circuit city credit card] is.
-0.25 Walmart will do anything for a person to sign up for their crappy credit card.
-0.1531 Looks like your link is broken.
-0.0772 The [Victoria Secret credit card] is another dirty secret.
-0.0772 The [Circuit City credit card] is another reason why they suck.
0.0 **[CashCrate]** does indeed rock.
0.0 Why would anyone carry around a sword?