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0.9455 Not only to Lucy, but to everyone who sees these photos. I wish you and Lucy a lifetime of happiness and love.
0.9413 But I'm also relieved that she is receiving good care, she is safe, warm and as comfortable as possible.
0.9274 I hope you have many, many years sharing love and happy times together
0.926 You have a beautiful smile, I hope you wear it often Love the hair too
0.9165 That's one very cute friend you have, I hope his tough time soon passes and lots of happy times come soon
0.908 Pinterest is also another good free resource. Good luck!
0.9062 There's little which can compare to seeing the look of absolute adoration in the eyes of your best friend
0.9002 It's gorgeous, will look absolutely lovely on and each time you make something it will have less and less 'imperfections' Good job!
0.9001 Wishing you strength, family love and support.
0.898 It's an awfully hard step to take but try to keep strong in knowing that it's the best thing for you all.
0.8957 I'm sending lots of good thoughts and positive energy out into the universe for your friend.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8625 Sad that my relatively young mother was struck down with this cruel disease.
-0.7579 I experienced the same thing on the 12th July this year. I'm sorry for your loss, I know how sad and empty it can make you feel.
-0.7257 Mum wouldn't admit anything was wrong and became very angry if we tried to ask if all was ok.
-0.6605 It really surprised me how I could feel relieved, angry, sad and guilty simultaneously.
-0.5994 I would love so much to have inherited just a small amount of her dressmaking skill, but sadly no.
-0.5499 My ex-husband couldn't see much of a difference in her behaviour but I knew that she was having trouble.
-0.4767 I'm at the stage now where I'm often a bit sad.
-0.4767 Don't look for the things that may have gone wrong.
-0.4767 My mum suffers from alzheimers and it's given me a lot to think about.
-0.4767 Grandparents can be so very special and so terribly missed, RIP asperger-helper's grandfather
-0.4019 I first noticed mum starting to have trouble coping with making decisions, even simple things, or what had been simple to her in the past.
-0.2944 The emotional roller-coaster is very difficult.