/u/callado is kind of a dick.

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0.6486 Subsidies don't harm the economy as price fixation does. I don't understand how releasing the prices, increasing the productivity, jobs creation and economy stability, will harm the poorer.
0.6369 If you talk about a coup, the best thing you could've done was to investigate Venezuela's sources.
0.636 Well, if you said so, it must be true then!
0.6202 Oh boy, you don't know how desperate is Maduro to persuade Trump to make friends with him.
0.5994 It is private when you are free at least to put the price you want or produce the quantities you want.
0.5574 The president of Constitutional Room of the Supreme Court has more constitutional powers than the president.
0.5574 Venenezuela is constantly pushing for it, and the country has achieve certain goals like expropriation of property, a soviet style assembly and labor vouchers.
0.5423 There are not other options than appliying open market policies if you want to save Venezuela.
0.4939 It's pretty common to see people to oppose gene engineering from conservative and revolutionary point of view, for example.
0.4404 Releasing prices will be better for everyone, because products will show up in the shelves, people will be able to buy it.
0.3724 I'm venezuelan and most of you written down, if not everything, is wrong, beginning with the "coup".

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-0.9217 Then countries with problematic neighbors or governments fighting problematic citizens will have to destroy the US to finally fill the vacuum caused by you guys, for well or bad.
-0.8758 This isn't Chile during Pinochet, but it would be totally unfair to compare Pinochet to Maduro; the second one is even more savage and inhumane than the first.
-0.8515 It is about perspective, that's how religion works, however, there are terrorist that are always carying the koran with them. You can't be sure the leadership doesn't care about religion.
-0.8402 This. Maduro's decision will deepen the economic crisis in Venezuela, thousands will die because if this.
-0.7783 Estamos de acuerdo con que t no sabes el debido proceso. Si tena pruebas o no, no es algo que puedas afirmar solo por el hecho de no haberlas presentado junto con la apertura del proceso.
-0.7783 It will NOT hurt people. People is dependant on government aid because they have no other option to acquire food: there is no food in the shelves.
-0.7003 No puedes recolectar pruebas sin antes abrir un proceso que justifique la recoleccin de pruebas y precisamente la investigacin.
-0.7003 hint, no rompieron nada de relacion y siguen sin condenar a su camarada maduro.
-0.6938 **Releasing prices won't kill anyone, but fixing prices is already killing venezuelans**
-0.6914 They get angry everytime the government comes up with another economic policy that doesn't fulfill the requeriments to open up the economy.
-0.5994 Nobody will die from starvation if different economic policies are applied.
-0.5994 Again, people die because there isn't food in the shelves.