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0.91 Between the gorgeous rug, the plants, the posters and the furniture, I want to replicate this style at my house :) I love the one painting of the woman and man above the couch, who is it by?
0.8955 That looks fantastic, great job capturing his features and nice use of white space!
0.8765 My concerns have already been much more eloquently stated elsewhere in this thread, but it seems like a move away from what I love about reddit.
0.8748 My top two in Orlando are K restaurant, which does delicious upscale American food or Cedars out on restaurant row which has some of the best Lebanese food I've ever eaten!
0.8707 Sounds good, I'll add the other two as well, I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands so more games to play is good!
0.8702 Too bad, I'm looking for a roommate, but already have the apartment, best of luck on your search!
0.8687 Hope you have fun on your trip, feel free to ask if you have any questions!
0.8622 Love the idea, and great website!
0.8588 That is awesome, great atmosphere!
0.8442 Same, growing up Adventist even my really conservative family members celebrated Christmas and Easter and most even celebrated Halloween.
0.8398 That looks fantastic, great job!

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-0.5983 Sorry if that's a dumb question, I'm not very tech savvy!
-0.5095 Absolutely heartbreaking, the news said this has been the deadliest mass shooting in America.
-0.4648 Oh man, when that choir comes in, it is so haunting!
-0.4019 However, I also know some of my neighbors are hosting Airbnb and haven't gotten in any trouble.
-0.3818 Sadly no, just says "play disc" when I open to the main screen.
-0.3182 I've looked at doing it in Winter Park, there is an ordinance that forbids short-term rentals, if I'm remembering correctly any rental shorter than a month.
-0.2481 Like you said, it is miserable to wear jeans in Florida weather!
-0.2079 NSV - I'm not sure if it's due to the weight loss, drinking more water, or healthier eating but my skin has cleared up!
-0.1882 I stopped by the one in Altamonte on 436, but I think that one is already out of stock!
-0.1531 I think Fitbit can over exaggerate how many calories you burn from activity.
-0.1007 Yep, I turned off the lights and that's how I lost track of it!
-0.0772 Sorry for removing your foster babies.