/u/caks is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 Having a smartphone doesn't make anyone intrinsically better off, it's only as good as the improvement it has on your wellbeing.
0.8218 One thing I really like about Spanish is that you can easily use question marks within a sentence without ending it, like such: "He looked at me saying What do you want?
0.807 But for now, I think you are already well on the right track. Good luck!
0.7989 However, in theory English notes are also no legal tender outside of England but everyone accepts them because they're not fucking cunts
0.7509 This is what government regulations are supposed to provide: a guarantee that the product won't kill you if you don't grossly mismanage it.
0.7184 Have a good day and hug a brown person
0.7184 White British can't pull numbers from overseas and will no be able to fill labour shortages. Good luck with that and have a good day
0.7178 In practice, countries have decided pretty much unanimously that implementing regulations is vastly more advantageous for everyone than relying solely on market controls.
0.6979 Just my own 2 cents, but I don't think you fucked up at all.
0.6908 I'm sure most things have externalities of some kind, we just have to draw a sensible line.
0.6872 I said that most people would agree that an exploding car is unsafe and a car with seat belts is safe .

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-0.7983 Even cooler is that you can limiy the scope, mixing affirmative and interrogative sentences, for example: You don't love me, but do you hate me?
-0.7906 I'm saying societies with markets and no regulations *can* have slavery.
-0.7351 Just fuck any kid that buys it because their parents didn't read or didn't think it would be a problem?
-0.6808 Se existem ou no feministas extremistas eu no sei, eu sei que o link que voc postou no comprova isso por ser totalmente sem credibilidade
-0.6808 Claro, isso tambm pode ser configurado no Windows, mas o que eu j vi de usurios administrador em Windows no brincadeira no.
-0.644 So if UK citizens adapted in say, a two year period starting from March 2019, there would be no problems? In a related question, do you think that canal boaters and Roma exist exclusively in the UK?
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6249 Um histria onde todos esto errados :( Um triste retrato da vida no Rio
-0.5994 Many people would literally die. Also repatriate who?
-0.5859 Historically however, the market has failed to protect consumers and has done much worse to those not even considered consumers .
-0.5574 Shit you've probably never had to get one in your life
-0.5574 Let's assume that from now on you can ban all immigration.