/u/butts94 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9321 Ok, so you are gorgeous, and that red lipstick looks amazing, and also your eyebrows are perfect.
0.9062 You're awesome, love it :)
0.9042 Pretty amazing cleavage and love the bit of an upskirt too.
0.9042 You've got a great body and a great butt :)
0.8979 Honestly a great picture, your body looks amazing in the soft lighting.
0.891 I love the sexy clothes, but I'd of course love to see them off even more.
0.8588 hah, great pics and great book!
0.8442 Great body and gorgeous face and hair.
0.8439 man, fantastic boobs and I still love the bush!
0.8439 Wow, you're gorgeous!
0.8313 Wow, your body is perfect!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7574 Metal chick, butcher, and hot as fuck, damn!
-0.6486 The red is killer.
-0.598 Man, love your nips and your lips, but absolutely hate your username
-0.5255 Goddamn, thats so hot!
-0.4753 Goddamn, what an amazing ass!
-0.4574 damn, looking hot!
-0.3612 Pfft, ignore him, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.
-0.3595 You've got a killer body, and love the risk on the plane!
-0.3595 all around sexy as hell picture!
-0.25 Realistically, stopped and stared, dumbfounded, then encouraged you to continue.
-0.2462 I always have a hard time looking away when I see someone rocking that in public! Smokin' pic!
-0.1511 Goddamn, what a nice booty!