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0.9432 It's actually pretty nice save for the bit of extra clean up at the end, plus she says it helps relieve some of the cramping feelings that she gets.
0.8779 I actually got a king mattress from Casper with my partner, and saved money with the code from the Best Friends.
0.8686 I mean Charizard for Y looks awesome too, but fucking love the colour scheme for this guy.
0.8545 Oh goodness, just when I thought I couldn't find her any more attractive <3 x3
0.8168 You're super welcome!!
0.8126 But yeah, free is a very big plus in favour of online reading
0.8122 Make jokes, giggle, make him feel more comfortable with it.
0.807 Looking into it, yes, it looks more like a Catalina now that I know what that is, lol.
0.802 Goodness, I love your expressions.
0.7845 Yes, yes it would have to be to fit it all in
0.7828 Most welcome :3

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-0.7115 Outlaw star was really rather good, and P&S+G was freaking insane riot.
-0.6369 x3 That shit's abusive, man.
-0.6229 My eyes get all tired and I can't keep focused on reading.
-0.5256 As soon as I got to Troy McClure, I started reading it in that voice, and then it got really sad.
-0.5106 I feel both arousal and pain.
-0.481 How is this a problem?
-0.4767 And then you just think about that for a while, letting your mind drift off to places you never thought possible. And then you come back to reality with an erection and the twinge of shame.
-0.4215 Sadly, the gif ends before the bicycle could come into frame
-0.3818 Hmm, I'm at a loss, sorry.
-0.3595 I don't know about the no raincoat, considering the length of time sperm can survive, But the hornier point!
-0.34 Basically, it doesn't at all represent how BDSM is really practised, and the majority of those in the BDSM community despise it for how it presents that lifestyle.
-0.296 No artist given