/u/brandman19 is very positive!

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40Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9245 You have the perfect body and one of the best bushes I've ever seen. Best gonewild girl of all time!
0.8718 I'd love to give you a helping hand!
0.8555 Love this outfit, but I love your body even more.
0.8516 I love your amazing body!
0.8442 I'd love to see your beautiful pussy spread.
0.8271 Wow, you have such a beautiful body.
0.8271 Wow, beautiful pussy.
0.8225 Wow, abosultely amazing.
0.8225 Wow, amazing body.
0.8225 I'd love to see you spread that sexy pussy
0.7845 You've got the nicest boobs, and the prettiest little bush.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5859 I could take you on as my slut.
-0.5859 You're looking fine as hell in these pics.
-0.3818 You shouldn't have to feel pressured to hide you pits.
-0.3597 We really missed you.
-0.3182 Shaved gets boring.
-0.296 I bet it'd look sexy as hell on you.
-0.2287 Damn, I don't know which I like better on you.
-0.1776 I am. I don't know what I'm more excited about....Matt Skiba possibly playing with Blink 182 or your sexiness!
0.0 I vote bush
0.0 I wouldn't mind seeing you grow out your bush a little bit.
0.0 How do you normally keep it?
0.0 Keep it going.