/u/boyinaband is very positive!

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0.9516 Great to hear they're appreciated :) Thanks for the kind words!
0.93 Hahaha best compliment ever, thanks
0.9252 Also I'm not massively into indie rock but I think your site sounds awesome, hope it goes well man!
0.9217 Glad you like my suggestions, cheers pour la niceness :)
0.9015 What a frickin' awesome surprise :D
0.8999 Hopefully it'll make a few people think more about the writers and producers when they enjoy their music. Cheers for the support yo!
0.8955 Maybe those producers have amazing mixing/mastering engineers they work with or are just really good at picking out amazing quality samples - I can only speculate.
0.8934 Thanks :) Glad it's nice and relevant.
0.8832 Great to know :) Thanks!
0.8786 *hi five* Good to know :D Thanks!
0.8481 Glad you enjoy them :)

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-0.9052 Several people suggested "why don't you just make a fake account?" but I just hate that concept, it feels wrong.
-0.6808 No arrogance intended.
-0.631 Such a shame I didn't make this thread rhyme, but I blame it on the fact that it's nearly my bed time.
-0.5228 My youtube would have a lot more videos if it wasn't for this bloody website.
-0.4767 I don't think you should get annoyed because the demand isn't there for what you supply.
-0.4767 It locks up a LOT. Envelopes on it are still terrible. I'm just used to using it.
-0.4588 I'm sure the intention is for the greater good, but I'd probably die from the cravings in the cold turkey period.
-0.4215 I felt the need to give him a catchphrase he'd regret by day 4.
-0.4201 Frickin' ridiculous.
-0.4023 Don't encourage him.
-0.4019 I got in trouble for posting my own stuff before.
-0.3612 I dunno, he seems like a cocky ass to me.