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0.8957 Love is expressed in numerous ways; active communication and mutual respect/acknowledgement of loved ones' boundaries are essential.
0.875 I think it might be worth weighing the benefit of helping alleviate acne breakouts against the cost of continually minimizing/denying physical contact from your loved ones, though.
0.8519 Thank you for your explanation, I honestly had no idea that small differences in ingredient strengths could result in significant enough changes to final products like that.
0.8481 I hope, if you're actually financially comfortable enough to match the contribution, you're able to take some solace from the fact that your funds are intended for a noble cause.
0.8439 Ah okay, wish you the best either way, then!
0.8398 That sounds like a wonderful option, thank you for your recommendation!
0.836 Thank you, that's a wonderful point about finding authors who have impeccably written material, rather than trying to find any works that happen to fill the genre/s someone's currently interested in.
0.8316 This was moderately effective for myself and I do recommend it; I believe a light hand is necessary because in my experience it is quite drying.
0.8313 Stunning music excerpt from Moonlight as well, wow!
0.8225 My completely uneducated guess is that speech lengths can be largely influenced by how passionate, moving, and/or eloquent they appear to be in order to maximize entertainment value.
0.8176 A maximum strength benzoyl peroxide product I used to use was the Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 .

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-0.8126 He actually had a happy enough childhood there, but unfortunately later on he shot and killed his wife's lover and was sentenced to prison.
-0.6597 I genuinely don't mean to be unduly critical to anyone expressing understandable frustration towards this chronic issue and taking precautions to mitigate it.
-0.636 It's no problem at all!
-0.4767 I'm ashamed to say I've picked up and put down A Game of Thrones and Outlander each several times now and the last book I finished was The Martian.
-0.3818 I disagree, it reminds me of family.
-0.357 It's not the Academy Awards without a Meryl Streep nomination and a motivational speech from Cheryl Boone Isaacs.
-0.34 My mistake, the Firefox screenshot was taken before I downloaded RES to Firefox.
-0.2516 I guess I was a little confused because my understanding was ingredients were listed from largest concentration to smallest; all 3 setting sprays' ingredients are listed in the same order.
-0.128 Oh okay, my mistake.
-0.1027 Living here for the last 3 years is about to pay off.
-0.0772 I'm sorry, would you clarify what you mean?
-0.0609 Edit: I'm sorry, I was careless and commented before fully reading your original post.