/u/borsalino12 is kind of a dick.

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0.743 Its a beautiful play man.
0.6908 Lol DMC is waaaaaaaaaay better than KAT.
0.6705 KD's ability to draw fouls is a blessing to the Warriors
0.6647 Russ please don't die before the playoffs
0.6369 I love you guys.
0.6369 Love this Anderson guy already
0.6369 That's the fu*king best cliffhanger
0.6369 Such a glorious week for me.
0.6115 So happy right now
0.5106 Cant wait for this on free eShop
0.4404 Lebron is better

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8465 You're a soft ass retard who cant appreciate modern basketball.
-0.8155 Typical lebron bandwagon who dont support his home team. Pathetic lowlife.
-0.8088 Nah i dont care who wins as long as lebron loses.
-0.7351 Pathetic lowlife.
-0.7184 Rondo: You shoot the ball Rubio: No, you shoot the ball MCW: I gotchu guys Hoiberg: https://static01.nyt.com/images/2016/03/24/sports/24SCOREweb1/24SCOREweb1-master768.jpg
-0.6808 Who the hell attempts 11 3's a game and makes 45% of those shots?
-0.6249 Stop typing with our tongue out and get out you freak.
-0.6124 Also accept the fact that Lebron Cavs haters will hurt your feelings.
-0.6062 Yeah but they're not Kevin Love
-0.5719 I hate the new version where it has GIFs when checking the games.
-0.5574 He's gonna get that ban
-0.5423 Bruno bout to blow their ass