/u/boring_oneliner is a total dick!

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0.8074 If that helps you cum I'm glad to help
0.7154 it was FINE, okay it was FINE.
0.6597 He's just honoring his God.
0.6486 A true connoisseur of the art of comedy.
0.4962 But yes, she has a striking resemblance to Nia, so that mistake is easy to make!
0.4767 The only Nassau I respect is Nassau, Bahamas.
0.4404 shes fawking good
0.4215 its called entertainment
0.4019 yes, the female psychiatrist in pickle rick analyzing rick was cringeworthy.
0.4019 youre late to the party. https://www.reddit.com/r/opieandanthony/comments/6nv3pv/the_chippa_podacast_fucking_stinks_its_the_same
0.3724 im not a uk fag

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-0.8779 Raped and killed by Samcro Joe
-0.8657 but the Opester was scheming, now that he had time..THE DESTROYER STRUCK AGAIN*
-0.7189 That shit just ain't entertaining.
-0.7184 nigga the only sexual harassing that has been going on in your life is when you pressured your short bus driver into sucking his cock for percocet
-0.7003 Oh no, old guy I never heard of before died.
-0.6969 dumb son cant ride a fucking bike and no helmet?
-0.6908 so "they" tried to kill your roommate so the popo could be in your house?
-0.6597 /u/porsalin killing it for us today
-0.6486 journalism is dead.
-0.6486 Still shook up about his sudden death.
-0.6486 dvv expound what are ya a dead weight or sth
-0.6249 i even saw people in /r/de complaing that /u/thachippa is the worst bot on reddit.