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0.9201 Thanks, I'll try :) Edit: worked like a charm :)
0.8519 Great book, would definitely recommend for people starting out in clojure
0.8271 Glad I could help :)
0.8225 Thanks for your help, though :)
0.8126 I like to watch a movie called The Benchwarmers, always makes me feel better :)
0.7906 Thanks, I think it's a great idea for learning about some of the different Android APIs.
0.765 Feel free to take a second look if you want :)
0.7248 Yes, I registered the account to ask this, I hope that's not an issue.
0.7184 All feedback is welcome :)
0.7096 Thanks, I've updated the design and removed facebook sign in now :)
0.7096 Thanks, I hadn't seen this, I'll check it out :)

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-0.5849 Not really a bad deal, is it?
-0.5849 "I Have An Idea" is all right, it's the "rocks" part that is really bad.
-0.4767 Not saying you are wrong, I just didn't Google would discriminate TLDs
-0.4588 Didn't mean to come across as rude.
-0.3612 Check your spam filter/folder/whatever if you haven't
-0.3415 I'm having a little trouble understanding refs and the STM.
0.0 Do you need both skinning and mining for this?
0.0 /u/opfeels /u/borgis_
0.0 A simple project management system
0.0 SimulateMe!
0.0 [This website is under construction]
0.0 Hah, it was the same for me!