/u/boredbaker is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9312 Love love love this movie!
0.8405 My dear sweet Monarch, I'm back from my vacation and a little happy about it.
0.836 Love making you happy
0.8316 Hahaha love it
0.8268 Happy Happy Cake Day Monarch!
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.7959 I wish you a great Sunday too!
0.7845 *blush* why Thank you, you sexy bearded man ;-)
0.783 Thank you, Daddy for following me into this wonderful world.
0.7717 I hope you make good of the services your local library and [librarian] can offer you ;)
0.7712 Oh my dear Sir, what a lovely comment!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4215 Ill wash your...back
-0.4019 It has to do with you being in full Dom voice, does it for me every damn time.
-0.3597 What kind of nerd stuff?
-0.3595 Missed seeing you around this parts!
-0.3182 Im not a big martini drinker, its just a tribute to someone close that I lost.
-0.3182 Not odd at all.
-0.296 Youve been missed around these parts.
-0.296 I've missed those growls of yours.
-0.1531 May I please have a dirty martini with Plymouth gin and three olives?
-0.0258 Gotta take advantage of low humidity days in the summer.
0.0 Im currently making dinner.
0.0 Roasted veggies, chicken breasts and mashed cauliflower.