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0.9524 I would love for all Reads viewers to feel like the show is worth it, so as a paying subscriber I'd love to know if you think the value is good enough.
0.9273 great to see these kinds of threads showing interest though :) I think that's really motivating for us.
0.9211 Totally agree with your feedback and I am extremely confident that you'll be happy with the improvements we make with each new episode!!!
0.8957 But like I said, I 100% understand and I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the show enough to share in our pain in the face of pretty strong negativity ;)
0.8832 definitely something for us to think about :) thx for sharing! The only problem is that I don't think we could actually make anything more even if we had a lot of Patreon support.
0.8807 definitely sounds fun, tbh we just need help coordinating stuff like this and it'll happen.
0.872 Truly an honor to cast such amazing sets
0.8605 It would also be super hard, just because the top 100 players are all so talented too.
0.8513 Thanks for everything Achilles :) I'm humbled by your work and Melee has been incredibly lucky to have you!
0.8467 I think The Reads will be a new way for the Melee community to grow, so Toph and I hope to deliver on that and make you all proud <3
0.843 Yeah I think the best way to think about it is that we want to make the pacing a little better by cutting to different places more often.

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-0.7906 I get that when people present data sets they are horrified by the possiblity that people who aren't used to handing data will draw all kinds of bad conclusions.
-0.5423 Bad tournaments were way more common back in the day
-0.5423 Probably everyone was right that switching is bad.
-0.5423 Bad answer?
-0.4939 no one had ever called anyone on this in 2013 in my 7 year history in competitive Melee, so even though it was the rules, at the time it was shocking.
-0.4767 Tbh I think rates were much worse on BF banner.
-0.4497 yeah we stopped - I've said this in other threads before but we shoot all 4 episodes at one time, so in general after the first episode with a guest, we can't respond to feedback.
-0.4404 10/10 constructive criticism IMO.
-0.4019 We'll fix that soon, I think it's a problem with the website we're hosting it on
-0.4005 So unfortunately we can't react to feedback episode by episode.
-0.395 Maybe a contrary opinion but I didn't like how this article handled interpreting the data.
-0.3935 But the sense I got was that the author hedged way too hard and it didn't clearly communicate what the data was actually saying.