/u/blunttman is a total dick!

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0.7351 lol when did you think to yourself im going to make a quick montage of him enjoying coffee, never noticed it myself tbh.
0.7269 great body and tits, keep up the good work.
0.6887 yeah let's have them spend more time optimizing the game so you can run 400fps on your 60hz monitors, like it will make a difference you ducking morons
0.6597 Yes you clearly aren't an English major, the word you are looking for is "infer" in this situation.
0.6249 great detective work there, with that kind of accuracy you could be a fat american pig cop
0.5267 Nightfallen rep was actually the easiest/fastest rep to gain in Legion
0.4953 Your order has been received. Had to do CC guys, don't waste your time with paypal. Pro-Tip!!!
0.4019 Wish she would do porn
0.3612 Looks like Tyler1's girlfriend
0.3089 Put your arms down , you're not fooling anyone
0.296 Why do people seem to share the shittest tattoos thinking they're great....

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-0.9663 Fuckoff with this scam cunt shit you fucking retard faggot.
-0.9611 this stupid shit is the reason why things that actually need fixing DONT get fixed, buried by this dumb cunt cancer posts.
-0.9287 fuckoff cheater, eat the ban and stop crying like a bitch.
-0.922 So it offended you and instead of sticking up for them then and there you chose to come to the reddit and cry, fucking pussy ass bitch
-0.9022 That's fine, keep being a dumb cunt like the rest of these cancer fuck viewers.
-0.9001 Enjoy being wrong with shit memes that only make sense to the dumb fucks like you that post this shit.
-0.8858 who the fuck upvotes this garbage, no wonder this subreddit is full of fucking cancer
-0.8807 stop trying to start shit, faggot
-0.8313 Sketchy as in backing up everything he said meanwhile the leeching alien bitch admitted she lied as well, you're fucking retarded.
-0.8281 what kinda cod faggot FoV is that shit
-0.8232 Level your own character lazy cunt, fucking pathetic casual
-0.8104 Fucking sad and pathetic