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0.9643 2600, thanks for the chance and happy birthday :3 hope you enjoy this day and make some friends.
0.9442 Maybe it's just the way I think now about relationships bc of my last one, but I just enjoy being by myself, at least for a time. Thanks for the chance :3
0.9375 A lot of thanks :D glorious :3
0.9333 A very good friend of mine gifted it to me and the story was so good I fell in love with it.
0.9245 However, I woke up many days just to play it :3 Thank you for this and good luck!
0.9236 645 for all xd I know they are many but I think they are wonderful and I want to give them a chance <3 thanks! Terraria Orcs Must Die!
0.9081 I'd like Life is Feudal: Your Own, a lot of thanks <3 The thing that brightened my day was hugging my mum ;_;
0.9062 Thanks for giving away those awesome games <3
0.902 For Rust, my fav TV show is The Walking Dead, I follow it from the beginning, and my fav character is Daryl <3 although he doesn't appear in the comic :3 thanks for the chance!
0.8922 I saw some people using random.org or something like that but I don't know it's used xd it would be a nice present for my cake day
0.888 1568, I don't care which bc I'd love to play any of them, but if I have to decide, I'll go with Tom Clancy's <3 a lot of thanks!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6808 "Where the hell do you think you're going?" he says.
-0.636 2: Complete Orcs Must Die!
-0.4926 Mad Max pls!
-0.4215 I'd like Dead Space 2
-0.4003 15 Dead Space 2 thanks!
-0.3818 64 - System Shock 2
-0.3182 Fable: the lost chapters maybe?
-0.3164 38 for Mars: War Logs, thanks!
-0.1326 48 I haven't played TES games but I'm looking forward to do so ^~^
-0.1027 I'd like Dead Island in order to play it with my brother.
-0.1027 If I want to spend the whole day watching anime or playing videogames, nobody's gonna tell I can't because he feels lonely and he needs me the whole day just being with him.
0.0 Sometimes you just need a rest and maybe standby.