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0.9311 I'm also a sucker for romance so I get a kick out of the super predictable, super fluffy love stories in literary terms, YA romance isn't very good, but I fucking love it
0.8625 it's like the opposite of a love triangle really the way they try and convince the other it's okay
0.8478 yeah thats definitely a good point as well!
0.8466 guys I ran again today, after like two months of not running it was painful but it also felt so good this was like six hours ago and Im still riding the high
0.8442 today my coworker was like "I have a hairy belly and a hairless back, it's the dream" and I'm standing there like "well it's *a* dream"
0.8271 Ha ha ha, he giggled.
0.8221 fat baby!" my dad once went to a gas station, the attendant asked him how he was doing, he said he was good, and the guy is like "no, sir, you are not good, you are fat"
0.8042 you might waver sometimes - I've come to believe we all do - but the more secure you are in your habits, the easier it is to come back.
0.7964 me too thanks, I love impostor syndrome
0.7959 that sounds awesome, you should definitely do it!
0.7906 hopefully for good this time :p

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-0.765 then I was forced to take a break due to being a camp counsellor for a couple of weeks and everything went to shit for a few months after that
-0.626 it wasnt as much of a dumpster fire but it wasnt good either
-0.5267 but then how will I slam the toilet seat down to passive-aggressively remind my flatmate's boyfriend to put the seat back down?
-0.5267 what do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
-0.5106 I know a third, he's a dick though
-0.5106 angry reacts only
-0.5106 trust me, as bad as the movie is, the book is worse
-0.4588 honestly thats another problem I have with the film, shes not actually fat or ugly
-0.4019 I must confess that I am not however, my grandfather was a gynaecologist before he retired and went mostly blind
-0.4019 I mean, we know what it was she thought we were excluding and ignoring her on purpose when really we had a lot in common with each other and not much with her
-0.3612 and besides, if it was an actual emergency in which you needed to be contacted immediately, the person trying to reach you would probably call/text multiple times.
-0.3412 my phone is in English, and let me tell you, it does not have a good time with Finnish street names.