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0.9538 They don't need to do it but I loved the series and feel that they would benefit from reading it as well as enjoy it.
0.872 He had this massive ego and was convinced he was the greatest person to ever exist and even heavily implied he's smarter than Einstein despite having only a basic grasp of science.
0.8623 They teach you how to maim as well as how to hold back for a more friendly sparring session so you don't kill your training partner.
0.8221 It's an invisible strike fighter that also magically defies the physics of turning to become the greatest air superiority fighter AND it makes breakfast for you too!
0.8074 Do stuff such as one party member sees his hearts desire and reaches for it while everyone else just sees him about to do something that could endanger the party.
0.7184 Just make sure to not look like an easy target by keeping your head up and eyes forward and don't mess with anyone and you'll be fine.
0.7096 Tenderloin also is pretty safe.
0.6858 You can essentially take any skill and ability you want but if it's something you're good at, it's cheaper.
0.6808 I get where you're coming from but I don't see why they would lie about it since it doesn't advance their position or give them any gain.
0.6486 Windows 8 and 10 actually is better at security from what I'm hearing.
0.6486 If so, aren't the Eldar and Dark Eldar united and it also sounds like they allied themselves with the Imperium of Man.

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-0.9413 We decide to take him along on our assault on the genestealer hideout and every single shot he rolled with that damned plasma pistol was a headshot righteous fury kill.
-0.9042 Make sure you read through the errata or else weapon damage becomes stupid high and stairs could kill your players.
-0.8834 Obviously a lot of people who lost their land to the Communists in China resent them but my grandmother's family lost it all from the Sino-Japanese War since she lived in Shanghai.
-0.8658 WoT isn't the standard aim gun at enemy and shoot game, there's some amount of calculating to do in there to realize if your gun will penetrate armor or not.
-0.8271 There are hobos and crackheads but generally no one messes with you unless you start shit.
-0.7845 I hated my mother for the longest time due to tiger momming and in the end I still stuck by her and shit got better.
-0.7778 It's generally the assholes that don't make an effort to visit their families even if there is a very strained relationship between the parent and child which is most likely to exist.
-0.765 I know a guy who kept rage quitting games and one day he logged on and got a notice saying that for repeatedly leaving games, he was banned for a week.
-0.7579 He alone killed as much as all the space marines put together.
-0.743 Evil can work together WITHOUT screwing over and working against your allies.
-0.743 While Valve is better at it than Riot, they're still show as hell.
-0.743 Due to weird ambushes and enemy attacks forcing me to constantly adopt new strategies on the fly, the character ended up as an insane version of Warmachine from Marvel instead.