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0.8957 Watching TV, studying. Just make sure you have a good quality plug, glass ones are great for comfort.
0.8777 Thanks, I love compliments for my feet!
0.8777 That's super sweet, thanks!
0.8765 Its really helped not just in opening me up but showing me how fun and pleasurable anal can be
0.8271 That's sweet, I appreciate it :)
0.8176 Haha I agree on both counts :)
0.7964 <3 I'm going to do my best to post more regularly
0.7906 Trust me it's my pleasure
0.7906 I'll do my best lol
0.7845 I'd love to say I'm always ready but you definitely need to prepare first.
0.7836 Hahaha, fucking hilarious!

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-0.7776 I have done it 2 or 3 times , but only once has he been able to go to town and fuck me really hard.
-0.5106 Yup that dick is still around
-0.4767 Goddamn that's hot
-0.4015 Its not as easy as it looks!
-0.3491 I know she does anal but I'm not sure.
-0.296 Pipedream Icicles No.
-0.296 No she's also caucasian
-0.25 I can cum from anal penetration alone.
-0.1961 I'm not really attracted to women in a dating way, but sexually there's something about a womens softness that makes me tingle in the right places
-0.1531 It's hit and miss with anal.
-0.1154 I disappear for a little while but always come back
-0.0857 She tried to make me squirt but I didn't want to get the room wet