/u/bitter_one13 is kind of a dick.

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0.7512 Weird, my intellect is neither low nor my views abhorrent.
0.7506 I'm fascinated to find out that you read it at all, to be honest.
0.7003 My brain is functioning better than you could ever hope to achieve.
0.6369 It's a perfectly accurate one: You read a niche website.
0.5719 Np that link, please.
0.5705 You don't seem like the type to care about military focused news.
0.5705 You don't seem like the type to care about military focused news.
0.5574 Poorly; the joke has been played out.
0.5574 Interesting prompt, has my okay.
0.5106 I'm as much a child as you're the life of the parties people willingly invite you to.^^^^^^^you ^^^^^^aren't
0.4907 I'm sorry I didn't stop people calling you a pedo sooner, but I didn't realize you'd damn near have a breakdown over it. I didn't come close to breaking down.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7906 Apologies require thinking that something is wrong or grievous and I did not do it in limited circumstances.
-0.7728 Dragging you whenever you pop up in my replies is orthogonal to whether I want you to shut up or not. By screaming "shut the fuck up, child rape apologist" in the very first response.
-0.7408 But your problem is that you are just the most insufferable little shit.
-0.7269 Wanted to see if you had decided to go another spree of pathetic obsession by responding to months old posts. \
-0.7208 Are you copping to the fact that you are lying about not caring, then?
-0.7003 No, dumbass.
-0.6985 I can't say you're welcome because I actually reminded you that you have failed to hassle me off of this place.
-0.6369 You're STILL worse than me no matter how you try to lie about it.
-0.6369 Your words betray your intentions.
-0.6113 My reasoning skills beat you down so badly that you decided to just go to ground. Lose with dignity.
-0.5859 Basic logic is incel bullshit?
-0.5719 You are pathetic. Incorrect.