/u/bit_pron is kind of a dick.

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0.836 yeah it's like the opposite of where the best erogenous zones are
0.8074 forgive me for i have taken a chance a love
0.7269 we want a free streaming link, like every person that asked for source before, in the whole history of the planet earth
0.6486 You guys may as well enjoy that marriage while it lasts though.
0.6124 Pretty hot if you like girls who look like they need to quit heroin and eat a sandwich.
0.4754 Very helpful for whoring
0.4588 From these types of videos, you are not going to get a serious idea of how strong her orgasms are.
0.4404 your hips pleased the heck out of me in that picture.
0.4404 thanks me too
0.4404 "oh, this should be good.
0.4215 You know how it's creating an emotional wedge between us?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8555 mediocre ass and fake lame tittays
-0.8176 Those fake ass tits are about to pop.
-0.7964 These cam whores mostly just fake it.
-0.7906 man that ass is busted as fuck
-0.7845 Probably some dumb shit
-0.7783 you dumb bastard
-0.765 they look bad, fag.
-0.7075 I would but I don't super really want to
-0.7003 damn that cum is fake as fooook
-0.6552 I imagined this retarded dude going and taking a big whiff of a chick's ass cheek and being like "mmmmmmmmmmmm that's so good baby" in a stupid voice
-0.6478 damn that's fucking boring
-0.6249 I just thought it sounded funny as fuck when you were talking about smelling the ass.