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0.9531 Okay after seeing this recommendation I finished this series, it was amazing, every single episode I had a huge smile on my face, it was so light hearted and the romance was great.
0.9404 Thank you so much :D It looks pretty interesting :)
0.924 That sounds really delicious with the chopped onion :) They are so easy to make and I dont feel "as guilty" for eating them!
0.9236 Awesome, thank you I will definitely check this out :D
0.9062 You will love it :) The texture of the crispy cake with the soft salmon is great.
0.8863 Thank you so much :D I just can't get away from the romance ;_;
0.8842 Hahaha, Katanagatari looks interesting, I will give that a try :D
0.8836 And thank YOU , OP, your words are so positive, it's really refreshing to see on Reddit, thanks for making my day!
0.8834 You seem like an awesome person who is really trying her best to make it in a foreign place, don't be too stressed because stress can't do anything for you.
0.881 :D I will put both of the other recommendations on my list, thanks so much :)
0.8718 Very true, Im going to help her has much as I can financially, if lawyers could do a payment plan that would be awesome.

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-0.7906 No, I know you are not talking to me as if I were dumb at all, I can see where I mostly made a lot of my mistakes.
-0.743 The pain afterwards sucked though, and having gauze in your mouth makes me have goosebumps.
-0.7067 **Attention bird owners!!!!** What a lot of people don't know is that interacting with their bird or parrot this way can have negative side effects.
-0.6808 It would be a shame they made it this far only to pass away because I mess up some how...
-0.6808 Hell, I'd just link him entire Reddit post if I were you.
-0.6705 It's one thing to worry about your spouse, it's another to get upset when they ask you to go to bed at the same time a couple nights a week.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5849 I'm so sad now its over :( Do you know any other anime like this?
-0.5598 All the fish stores are closed right now so Ill do that first thing tomorrow.
-0.4767 His expectations are too high, and he is being unfair.
-0.4588 Sorry to disappoint you..
-0.4588 This was after she attacked and chewed on my feet, does that count?