/u/bill41123 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9274 What a great gift for such a sexy friend.
0.9231 As amazing as it is, I'd admire it, massage it, kiss it, lick it, nibble it, gently suck on it, and maybe playfully spank it too ;)
0.9136 I do see an amazing body and a perfect booty I'd love firmly pressed to my face.
0.9062 Its amazing how much awesome fits into such a sexy package.
0.893 So hot, so sexy, so yummy!
0.8793 Blue is my favorite color, but you'd look amazing in any of those...so...how about...pink please?
0.8779 Beautiful smile, perfect body.
0.8762 There's no "dealing with", but there sure is a lot of admiring, attraction, and daydreaming!
0.8689 Heat to toes sexy and a beautiful smile.
0.8478 Your amazing body makes them look great!
0.8313 As long as I see your amazing body, I'm happy!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4215 Ill need them both in my face to make an accurate decision.
-0.3595 NM, thats no secret!
-0.0541 You don't look like you're melting ;)
0.0 Guaranteed!
0.0 I'm adding wine and cheese to my shopping list!
0.0 Always amazing!:)
0.0 Its not usually the destination, its the journey.
0.0 With you, its both!
0.0 I'd BEG you to sit on my face!
0.0 For planet-saving water-conservation, of course.
0.0 You know I have.
0.0 More than once.