/u/bfowens is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 One super sexy sexy roll! I enjoy getting to see different sides of you!
0.906 :) Love this style of shot, plus you look amazing!
0.8883 :) Boobs and smiles make a day great!
0.8655 And what a lucky guy to have a great model like you!
0.8622 Love your stuff, you guys always have great pics and hot ideas!
0.8568 :) In this case more is definitely better!
0.8398 I like to encourage good behavior when I can!
0.8337 Very boudoir-ish plus great lingerie! Thanks for posting!
0.8316 :) Thanks for making a morning better Mrs.
0.8313 You look great and sound sexy too!
0.8172 :) Always love your wetness!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4199 so we could make a mess together!
-0.2942 Well if you aren't just making us all jealous!
-0.1759 Made me instantly hard!
-0.1511 I am sure you would have distracted all of us nerdy types from looking up!
-0.0935 I love your dimples, so this is a killer combo for me...
0.0 Looking hot!
0.0 Dimple power unite!
0.0 You spoil us!
0.0 Can I just say that you are on a roll...
0.0 What a post!
0.0 we might even be productive then!
0.0 Heck of an album...