/u/benlast is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 Immediately start rubbing my cock..then probably give you gentle kisses up and down the backs of those sexy thighs :) while inhaling your beautiful scent and wanting more..
0.8916 More please :) Love it!
0.891 I would love to run my tongue and hands all over that sexy body..wow :)
0.8748 Always a great feeling watching you ;) You leave my mouth watering ..So sexy!
0.8739 Yes please ;) I'll have more than just a lovely taste too..
0.8625 Wishing I had those sexy panties off of that sexy body of yours right now ;)
0.8607 Pass with an A :) Very sexy and inviting!
0.8591 Nice shot :) Bet down below is just as nice ;)
0.8503 So sexy and inviting :)
0.8313 Dynamite pics :) Wow!
0.831 Hope I'm in the right place at the right time ;) So sexy!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5983 Holy shit this is hot!
-0.5787 I'm embarrassed to say it but I didn't last long lol
-0.4019 Holy shit y'all have me going ;)
-0.0516 Wish I was in the area :(
-0.0516 You can drop those panties on my desk when you pass by ;)
0.0 Leaving me wanting a taste..
0.0 You've left me wanting more hehe
0.0 Such a turn on !!
0.0 Anytime :)..
0.1621 Someone looks a little creamy too ;) Mmmm
0.2263 You can cram those babies in my mouth anytime ;)
0.2263 Dying to see those panties now ;)